Sunday, October 19, 2008

Troops out of Afghanistan!

Q. Faced with the depressing prospect of another term with Harper - what to do?

A. Get out on the streets and demonstrate.

Four days after our election, demonstrations were held across the country to demand that Harper honour the wishes of the majority of Canadians. In Toronto, we rallied at Queen's Park, and then marched through the streets to voice our thoughts. Bring the troops home now!

Harper had stated before the election that he would run the country as if he had a majority, whether he got one or not. He'd already been behaving like a dictator, so I don't know what will be different. What is clear is that we have to forge ahead and keep pressuring the government to do all the right things:

• Respect the will of parliament.
• Respect the will of the Canadian people.
• Bring the troops home.
• Let the war resisters stay.
• Stop persecuting Muslims. Either the Secret Trial 5 need to be charged - or they should be freed unconditionally.
• Give Omar Khadr a fair trial - in Canada.
• Fund the arts, not the military.
• Let cities have some of their tax money back.
• Protect women's rights - including reproductive rights. No debate on abortion.
• Restore Canada's reputation as free, fair, and peaceful.

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