Saturday, May 16, 2009

Genocide is not a "Fair Weather" Issue

Since the Tamil protests began, there has been much confusion over whether they deserve support from the rest of the population. I can't tell you how many times I have read or heard, "I support them, but..."
• "They are flying those red flags."
• "Aren't the Tamil Tigers terrorists?"
• "They shouldn't block traffic."
• "Isn't there some other way they can protest?"
• "This has nothing to do with Canada."

Let's start with the facts. For decades, the Sinhalese majority has been persecuting the Tamil minority, and that persecution includes murder. Supposed "safe zones" have been bombed, including hospitals. The Tamil population is trapped and has nowhere to turn. As more and more are murdered, their relatives here in Canada grow more desperate.

Is genocide right or wrong? Speak to anyone about the holocaust, and in this day and age it is inconceiveable that anyone would defend genocide. No, genocide is always wrong, period. Full stop. There are no "ifs", "ands", or "buts". Genocide is not a political view. It has no pros or cons. There is no debate. It is simply and categorically wrong, and must be opposed and stopped at all costs.

Genocide is not a "fair-weather" issue. We do not oppose it only when we have time, only under certain conditions, only when we like the victims - or approve of their politics.

We do not decide to support the victims of genocide who we like, and turn our backs on those we don't. If you saw an elderly neighbour being attacked by a mugger, would you intervene, or would you first gauge how much you like that particular neighbour? Would you walk away because you don't happen to agree with her political views?

Oppose genocide, now, and always. Speak out against it. Support its victims, no matter who they are. Stand with the Tamils. Write to the newspapers. Call your MP. Tell Stephen Harper to get off his bloody ass and challenge the government of Sri Lanka, with economic sanctions if necessary. Don't let your complacency allow another murder.

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wrath of khan said...

Well said Kim. I am surprised at the racism against an already persecuted people in Canada. All oppressors are using the term "terrorist" to quash opposition. What a nightmare Bush has started.