Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Harper and Kenney to Close the Door to Gay Refugees

The erosion of Canada's reputation as a diverse country, welcoming of immigrants, took another step backward today as Immigration Minister Jason Kenney appointed an anti-gay conservative to the IRB. Doug Cryer, former director of public policy for the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, says churches have the right to denounce homosexuality.

I have very dear gay friends who have immigrated to Canada, fleeing discrimination and persecution in other countries. They are part of an (until recently) increasing movement of gays who are coming to Canada in search of a better life, a life without worry and fear. Gays who are applying for immigration now can look forward to an IRB influenced by bigorty, hatred, and a lack of sympathy and understanding of their situation. In examining refugee claims by gays, the IRB should be focused on determining whether persecution is a threat. How can a board member focus on that if he believes homosexuality is a sin in the first place?

This is beyond ludicrous. What's next - a white supremacist IRB member? Let's not laugh - this comes from the same conservative government with a federal Minister of State for Science and Technology who doesn't believe in evolution. Gary Goodyear is a Christian who has made significant cuts to science research funding. Any conservatives out there who want to defend that one?

I am going to start referring to Harpers conservatives as "republicans". I think it's the most concise way to summarize this government's actions. They are doing everything they can to move this country backward and emulate the disastrous Bush administration. Somebody help us.

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