Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I hate you all.

Yes, that's me at the wheel of a Hummer. And if you look closely, I am showing you some disrespect with a hand gesture. Not that it's needed! By driving one of these things, you are basically saying, "Fuck the environment, and fuck YOU".

Who the hell drives these things? It's 2009. There's talk about whether it might be too late to reverse the damage we've done to the environment. There was a gas-price scare, which got the SUV-driver considering whether maybe it was time to rethink the choice to drive a truck... but then oil prices fell. So we can postpone environmental responsibility once again!

By buying and driving one of these, you can save time being nasty to people. It's a tangible, rolling expression of anti-social irresponsibility. Hi! I waste gas and other resources. I am polluting the air as you watch. I am creating a burden for future generations, and setting a poor precedent for third-world countries; why should they care about cleaning up their countries when we don't? While you're at it, wear ivory, drink while driving, and blow cigarette smoke in babie's faces.

The irony of sitting in one of these things was too much to resist, and we giggled the entire time we were photographing ourselves. I'm looking toward a future when we will be able to look back, and laugh at car manufacturers who built stupidly wasteful vehicles, and people who were ridiculous enough to buy and drive them.


northdot9 said...

The unfortunate truth is that these "cars" become more and more effective at doing what they were bought to do as they make less and less sense to buy and that's to say "Fuck you" to the rest of the world. To say: Watch me with your mouth a gape, as I ignore you, roll over you, choke you, push you, intimidate you, flaunt your reasoning mind, disrespect you, and deny your existence.


Tom said...

I love the pic. I almost became an eco-terrorist surround by all those hummers.